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A Board and Train program is where your dog comes and stays with us for the duration of their training. Our board and train program is ideal for people who either do not have the time to train their dog or those whose dog is exhibiting severe behavioral problems.

During any of our board and train programs your pet will be with us for the duration of his/her training. This option is perfect for anyone that doesn’t have the time to train on their own or if your dog has any major behavioral issues.

A board and train program offers a chance to change your dog’s behaviors into something more positive so you both can live a happier life together. We offer specialized packages to help you and your companion reach the outcome you want. The most important part of the training process is opening a door for communication for you to your dog. Depending on your goals, we may be focusing on one major task during their stay or teaching a variety of new behavior.

2 Week Board and Train ($2,000)

Our (2-Week) Adult Board and Train Program is for any dog owner that wants to have advanced on leash control. They will learn the follow; on leash heeling, sit, down, place, door manners and impulse control. While with us we will start the training in a distraction free environment and slowly start interrogating distraction until it all comes together and we start taking them to stores, parks, nature trails, and any public places that allows dogs. We want your dog to be able to preform not only at home but with you at different dog friendly locations around your area!

3 Week Board and Train Off Leash Obedience($3,000)

Our Famous 3-week board and train program focuses on obedience both on-leash and off-leash, from inside the home to higher distraction areas like parks, department stores, nature trails, etc. Our trainers always focus on real-world dog obedience. We will give your dog a reliable recall regardless of the environmental distractions. While obedience and tricks are fun, our trainers understand that most of your dogs’ life will be spent at home. We focus on house manners and will tailor their training to fit your goals. We strive to ensure you get to fully enjoy your dog through all parts of your life together.

We are balanced trainers that utilize all four quadrants of operant conditioning as needed for each individual dog. We start training in our own homes, in a very low distraction setting, so that we can build a bond and earn your dog’s trust. After your dog has learned the commands, we will work on duration, distance, and distraction.

Once your dog fully understands the commands, we will work your dog’s training in high distraction settings to set them up for success in the real world! This program includes a prong collar and an E collar (Garmin, Educator Technologies, or SportDog). Dogs are conditioned and trained with these tools.

Behavior Modification ($4,000-$6,000)

The behavior modification program is a 4 to 6-week board and train with a focus on working on your dog’s behavioral issues. This program is meant for the more active individuals that want more control off-leash. During their time with us, they will complete the same training as the explorer program with an added two weeks, our trainers can better improve their off-leash obedience, which will allow you to better enjoy your companion and take them with you on more adventures.

Once Training Is Complete?

Once the program of your choice has been completed, we will come together for 2-3 hours and conduct a turnover. During this time will we be teaching you the proper way to communicate with your dog. We do this by going over reward systems, how to correct your dog when a command is not performed, correcting unwanted behaviors and teaching you how to stay in control and communicate with your dog.

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