2 Week Advanced On-Leash




This program is for the owner who wants their dog to learn the basics and foundation of dog training. For the owner who wants to be able to walk their dog without being dragged around the neighborhood.

For the owner that wants their dog on trips, parks, stores and have a well behaved dog. What: Our two week Board and Train is an advanced On-Leash program. We will teach a communication system to your dog and a solid foundation.

This program will focus on loose leash heeling, impulse control, and the basic commands. In this program we will take your dog to stores, parks, public places that allow dogs. We will work your dog in high distraction environments to build a stronger obedience dog. We will also introduce the E-collar and work on eliminating common problem behaviors such as jumping, counter surfing, digging, jumping on the couch, etc.

Why: This program is for you if you just want to be able to walk your dog and have control. This program takes it a step further than our one week board and train. In this program We want the dog to perform at home and out in public! We want you to be able to enjoy life with your dog. We want you to bring your dog to places and have a companion!


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